Kansas City Feedstuffs Weekly Summary
Las Cruces, NM     Tue, Dec 03, 2019     USDA-NM Dept of Ag Market News

Kansas City Weekly Feedstuff Review
Truck bids per ton unless otherwise stated.

   Feedstyuff prices were mixed.  Demand good, supplies tight.  End-users buying
ingredients due to cold temperatures.

   Soybean Meal, 48 percent traded 1.60-4.60 lower from 282.50-285.50 per ton.  Soybean
Hulls traded 5.00 higher at 195.00 per ton.  Soybean Hulls Pelleted traded steady from
200.00-225.00 per ton.  41 Percent Cotton Seed Meal traded steady from 290.00-305.00
per ton.  Corn Gluten Feed Pellets traded steady to 5.00 higher from 192.00-205.00 per
ton.  Corn Gluten Meal 60 Percent traded not available per ton.  Kansas Interior
Millfeeds Rail traded 10.00-13.00 higher from 127.00-140.00 per ton; Truck was steady
to 10.00 higher from 185.00-200.00 per ton.  Hominy Feed (FOB KC Northwest) Rail was
not available per ton; Truck was not available per ton.  Meat and Bone Meal was steady
to 80.00 lower at 150.00 per ton.  Feather Meal was steady from 285.00-295.00 per ton.
Yellow grease was steady at 20.00 per cwt.   Alfalfa Meal was steady from 291.00-335.00
per ton; Sun-Cured 15 percent  was steady from 242.00-247.00 per ton; Alfalfa Center,
NE Pellets 17 pct was steady from 270.00-300.00 per ton.

                                     Basis      Change          Price        Change
Soybean Meal 48 Percent FOB       -13F to -10F DN 3-UNCH    282.50-285.50    DN 4.60-DN 1.60
Soybean Hulls-Bulk FOB                                          195.00       UP 5.00
Soybean Hull Pellets-Bulk FOB                               200.00-225.00    UNCH
Cottonseed Meal 41 Percent DEL                              290.00-305.00    UNCH
Corn Gluten Feed Pellets 21 Percent DEL                     192.00-205.00    UNCH-UP 5.00
Corn Gluten Meal 60 Percent                                      N/A         N/A

Millfeeds (Wheat Bran and MiddlingKS Int Rail     FOB       127.00-140.00    UP 10.00-13.00
                                  KS Int Truck    FOB       185.00-200.00    UP 10.00-UNCH

Hominy Feed (FOB KC Northwest)           Rail                    N/A         N/A
                                        Truck                    N/A         N/A
Meat and Bone Meal, 50 Pct
(FOB US Central) FOB                                            150.00       UNCH-DN 80.00
Feather Meal DEL                                            285.00-295.00    UNCH
Yellow grease (cents per lb) FOB                                20.00        UNCH
Dehy Alfalfa Meal                                           291.00-335.00    UNCH
Sun-Cured Pellets 15 Percent                                242.00-247.00    UNCH
Alfalfa Center, NE:
Dehy Pellets 17 Percent                                     270.00-300.00    UNCH
Meal                                                             N/A         N/A
Hay FOB storage                                                  N/A         N/A

(Soybean Meal bids are based off the January Chicago Soybean Meal Futures)

SOURCE:  USDA-NM Dept of Ag Market News Service, Las Cruces, NM
         Baldemar Ortiz, Market Reporter (575)527-6861

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